Saturday, July 30, 2011

Chemistry 1 and 2 in the summer

For those willing to devote their entire life to chemistry, taking Chemistry 1 and 2 in the summer will knock out the inorganic portion quickly. But beware! Those who wish to enjoy even an iota of summer, do not attempt.

I aced Chem 1 this summer without too much stress. Sure I had to study, but all in all it wasn't more than I could handle. Chem 2 is a bit of a different animal. I'm really struggling to get an A in this class. Part of my problem was missing 2 days of class (the equivalent of 2 weeks in a "normal" class due to a death in the family), but I do not seem to be able to catch myself up on the concepts.

I have an exam coming Monday. This will be the determining factor of whether or not my run of straight A's in class since returning to school continues, or comes to an abrupt end. Well, I guess I better stop procrastinating, and get to understanding more about chemical equilibrium.

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