Sunday, August 28, 2011

First Week of Semester Thoughts

Going into this semester, I had it in my mind would be the most difficult of all. I mean I'm taking Statistics, Biology 2 with lab, Physics with lab, and the "ultimate weed out course," Organic Chemistry with lab. After the first week I say "Is that all you got wimpy classes?" I mean really. Everyone makes these classes out to be so incredibly difficult. I think these people may be perpetrating the myth that these classes are big scary monsters - the kind that gnaw on your toes if you dangle your feet out of the covers. But in the light of day, they are just classes. They are not out to get you at all. Of course dedication to one's studies is required, but these seem immensely doable. Of course, I have only been through the first week...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Because I have nothing else to do...

I'm thinking about becoming a chemistry tutor. It looks as though I will get an A in gen chem 2. Thank you for your invaluable service in explaining concepts! Since my fall schedule will be so light - three of my five boys will be in school; so only two will be at home. My course load at that time will consist of Statistics, Biology 2 with lab, Physics 1 with lab, and Organic Chemistry with lab and recitation. Surely I will be able to spare a few hours each week to assist those in need of general chemistry help right? I figure it may help a little on my medical school application; it will bring in a few bucks as income; but moreover, it will keep my gen chem skills sharp for the MCAT next year. This way I won't have to cram as hard as I would otherwise. I'm still mulling it over but I think this is the way to go... if there are any suggestions, let me know.

BTW... there was sarcasm when referring to my upcoming schedule as light...

Friday, August 5, 2011

The Secret of Success in Chem 2

I have struggled this summer semester with Chemistry 2. Oh how fondly I look back at how easy everything in Chemistry 1 was.... Just remember to convert everything to moles... If it were so easy now, I wouldn't need to give away the secret to Chem 2 success. To ace Chemistry 2, one must go to class, read the textbook, ask any conceptual questions in class, and do every single last calculation provided in the textbook. That's right. The key to success in Chem 2 is to work your butt off every day. Chemistry 2 is almost soul crushing... yet it's almost over. I can see the finish line and I hope I can finish it before it finishes me.