Friday, December 16, 2011

Giving Back

It's been too long since I did any volunteering. I don't want to come off as selfish, but I just typically don't have time. What little time I do have, I try to spend with my five boys, or hopefully not too neglected wife. Today, I got to experience the joy that comes from giving back. Again, I sound selfish because it was about me. Well maybe I am selfish. But it felt good. I helped underprivileged kids get presents; kids who will show genuine appreciation for a gift, rather than wonder why they didn't get something better.

I was humbled today as I saw a mother come in with her children. She had them give gifts to the needy. These kids picked out what they wanted the most this year, then gave those presents to the needy. How amazing! The world needs more people like that mother. And it looks as though it may just get several as she had four little ones with her!

Coming home afterwards, to the comforts that I enjoy, I realized how truly lucky I am. I have a wife who loves me, and works incredibly hard to support our little den. My children, although not always perfect little angels, are really sweet and kind-hearted (surely they didn't get that from me!).

Please, take a minute this holiday season to give back. Your giving can be in the form of food, clothing, money, or time. Whatever you can spare will certainly be put to good use by those less fortunate. It will not only help them, but doing so will give you that warm fuzzy feeling inside. Have a blessed Christmas season.


  1. It does feel good to give back...kind of like warm fuzzy feelings! Keep up the good work!

  2. Thank you. I am going back next week.

  3. Long silence. Hope everything is OK

  4. Giving they say is better than receiving. Yet the truth is, when one gives, he/she will eventually receive, maybe not on material aspect but surely an emotional, social and spiritual benefits. :)

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