Friday, September 30, 2011

Suck it up

I knew this journey would be difficult, but this is getting crazy. Right now I am so mentally drained, that I am struggling to force myself to stay awake and write this. In fact I need to be focusing on my Statistics class. As crazy as it is, I got a flippin "C" on my first exam in that class. This was supposed to be my easy class. I guess that's what I get for putting ZERO time or effort into it. On the bright side, I have aced two Biology exams as well as my first Organic Chemistry exam! Yay!! As an added bonus, my professor, instead of dropping the lowest test score, doubles the highest, so now I have an "A" in 2/5 of the exams. Double Yay!! Now I need to hunker down and get this Stats crap knocked out so I can focus on catching up on physics.

In other news, I will be shadowing my second doctor, also an anesthesiologist, on Monday. Supposedly this doctor is the jam. So I'm looking forward to learning a bunch and having a good time while doing it. I just need to make sure I find time to sleep. Though it makes me feel like I'm a slacker anytime I sleep or am not studying because I know my ladyfriend is busting her ass at two jobs and is exhausted as hell. I keep reminding myself that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully we both make it to the end of the tunnel before we keel over.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Pre-Exam Jitters

My first organic chemistry exam is tomorrow. I feel as though I'm ready. In fact I'm having a beer right now and watching Monday Night Football (a little extravagance I feel I deserve). As I sit here and contemplate all the things that could go wrong with tomorrow's exam, I'm trying to reassure myself that I AM prepared. I have worked my ass off for this exam. I started studying before the class even started. Yet there is still doubt. This is hard. And I don't have the crutch of multiple choice to fall back on. In fact, nearly every question requires not only an answer, but a short answer accompanying paragraph explaining why I chose the answer I did. Anyone out there looking to take organic chemistry in the future, do not take it with the department head. Tomorrow I will study a little bit; more of a glossing over everything just to make myself feel confident and then we shall see how I do in comparison to: the guy who read the entire book (organic chemistry 1 and 2) and worked all problems in the summer, the genius high school kid who doesn't need to take notes cause this is all soooo easy, the girl who does organic research, the guy who I was told to go ask a question to when my lab professor couldn't answer my question. But it should be fine. Really. I have to believe.

Friday, September 9, 2011

1st Time Shadower

The 5 am alarm had an unusual cheerfulness to it this morning; this was to be my first day to shadow a doctor - and an anesthesiologist no less. After my morning ritual, I made lunches for the monsters, washed the dishes, woke the dragons, made them waffles, got them ready for school, welcomed their grandmother who would be taking them this morning as well as watching the younger non-school age mini-me's, and waltzed out the door to see what the day would bring. What it certainly didn't bring was a copy of my TB test. DOH!! This is becoming a problem. Why am I forgetting things at the house? ((Don't answer that))

Immediately upon my arrival, I am whisked to the locker room where I changed into scrubs. Then I am introduced to the doctor I would be shadowing, and the day began. I witnessed the pre-operational procedures and operation of three cases. All three were similar, yet unique. They were all minor surgeries, but what was interesting was how all three responded differently to the medications, and how the anesthesiologist adjusted the medications accordingly. Mostly it was lighthearted fun, with questions and answers coming both ways. I think they were as excited to have me there as I was to be there, which made the experience all the more enjoyable. I also appreciated the times when things went ... not according to plan. Watching how each doctor coped with stress is people watching on steroids. Definitely a site to behold. One was as cool as the other side of the pillow, while another was snappy and condescending. It was insight into the profession - both the good and the bad. I am even more excited than I was previously about my choice in not only being a doctor, but an anesthesiologist if I am so able.

I cannot wait until my next shadowing opportunity. In fact, a different anesthesiologist said I could also follow him should I so desire. Duh! But I will need to wait a little while to give granny a break, and to catch up on my classwork... speaking of... don't I have a test manana? Oh crap!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Just Another Day in Paradise

So I had my first Biology exam of the semester last night. Because of the exam, I put my cell phone on silent. This meant that alarm didn't go off to wake me up on time this morning. Since I didn't get up on time, neither did my 5 monsters. Everyone did the crazy "I'm late for school scramble" this morning. Of course I then proceeded to lose my phone which took forever to find in between making school lunches, checking to make sure everyone brushed their teeth, got their school uniforms on, cleaned their ears, put all school essentials in their backpacks, let the dog out, rush to the car... and... crap. I locked myself out of my house. Everyone was standing in front of the car, finally ready to leave and my keys are on the kitchen counter. After breaking into my own home to retrieve the keys, I hightail it to school - being careful to dodge the fuzz since my inspection sticker is out (Saturday To Do). OMG! I just realized I've been driving for 2 days with my gas light on. Don't run out of gas. Don't run out of gas. I pull up to school right on time. They are not late today. I win! All this before 8 am.

The rest of the day includes Dora the Explorer coloring books for the 3 year old twins, organic chemistry lab report, organic chemistry prelab write-up (it's a monster this week), filling out paperwork in order to shadow an anesthesiologist tomorrow (really excited!), statistics homework and preparation for the first exam on Saturday (need to do as much as possible today since I will be shadowing for who knows how long manana). Also I'm getting behind in physics. Need to catch up soon. Maybe tomorrow. Just another day in paradise!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

I Passed!

So I just passed my first test of the semester - a TB test. That's right. I'm officially Tuberculosis free. You know what that means? I get the opportunity to shadow an anesthesiologist on Friday. I get to be there. I get to watch what he does, and learn more about the position I aspire to have one day in the seemingly extremely distant future. I feel like a kid a week before Christmas. I wish it were Friday already! (Especially since I will have finished my first Bio 2 Exam) But enough about shadowing. I'm REALLY excited. Ok - Now enough.

We need more about how this TB test went down. There was no studying for this test. No note card. Just me. And the nurse. Mono a mono. Neither one of us flinching. She knew what she had to do. I knew what I had to do. As her eyes narrowed, I saw the devilish laughter in her soul as she brought the needle towards my left forearm. Oh, I heard her pleasant small talk. What a mask that hid the evil that lurked just below the surface. Suddenly she was in. She had done her part. Now it was my turn...

To gasp and pull away. Of course this brought that sinister grin to her face as she asked, "How can such a big guy be such a baby?" To which of course I was able to counter with a clearly audible whimper. I felt the swoon coming as soon as she began to plunge the who the heck knows, just beneath my skin. This caused a marble sized growth to suddenly appear before me on my body. I stared at it - as though I knew not this foreign appendage masquerading as my arm. Then her instructions... Make sure to blah blah... Scratch... Blah... Itch .... ((don't pass out)) Blah... Come back in two days.... Blah.... ((Whew. Didn't pass out.))

As I looked back over my shoulder, I spied a gaggle of the fiendish harpies no doubt discussing the poison they had inserted into my body. At least I was able to walk out of that office with my head held high. I was not deceived. I knew the terror they perpetrated. And I wanted to be on their side.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank a very special ladyfriend for all she does. Every time I think about how exhausted I am, and how I want to just go to bed, I think of how hard you are working to keep this group of guys fed and watered. (Yes most of the guys under this roof are growing like weeds) I feel terrible that she is working this hard, and will do my best to hold down the grade aspect of this equation and get into medical school in the not too distant future. Love ya! Peace. I'm out.