Monday, September 19, 2011

Pre-Exam Jitters

My first organic chemistry exam is tomorrow. I feel as though I'm ready. In fact I'm having a beer right now and watching Monday Night Football (a little extravagance I feel I deserve). As I sit here and contemplate all the things that could go wrong with tomorrow's exam, I'm trying to reassure myself that I AM prepared. I have worked my ass off for this exam. I started studying before the class even started. Yet there is still doubt. This is hard. And I don't have the crutch of multiple choice to fall back on. In fact, nearly every question requires not only an answer, but a short answer accompanying paragraph explaining why I chose the answer I did. Anyone out there looking to take organic chemistry in the future, do not take it with the department head. Tomorrow I will study a little bit; more of a glossing over everything just to make myself feel confident and then we shall see how I do in comparison to: the guy who read the entire book (organic chemistry 1 and 2) and worked all problems in the summer, the genius high school kid who doesn't need to take notes cause this is all soooo easy, the girl who does organic research, the guy who I was told to go ask a question to when my lab professor couldn't answer my question. But it should be fine. Really. I have to believe.

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  1. Wow, sounds like you are up against some hitters in your o-chem class...