Friday, September 9, 2011

1st Time Shadower

The 5 am alarm had an unusual cheerfulness to it this morning; this was to be my first day to shadow a doctor - and an anesthesiologist no less. After my morning ritual, I made lunches for the monsters, washed the dishes, woke the dragons, made them waffles, got them ready for school, welcomed their grandmother who would be taking them this morning as well as watching the younger non-school age mini-me's, and waltzed out the door to see what the day would bring. What it certainly didn't bring was a copy of my TB test. DOH!! This is becoming a problem. Why am I forgetting things at the house? ((Don't answer that))

Immediately upon my arrival, I am whisked to the locker room where I changed into scrubs. Then I am introduced to the doctor I would be shadowing, and the day began. I witnessed the pre-operational procedures and operation of three cases. All three were similar, yet unique. They were all minor surgeries, but what was interesting was how all three responded differently to the medications, and how the anesthesiologist adjusted the medications accordingly. Mostly it was lighthearted fun, with questions and answers coming both ways. I think they were as excited to have me there as I was to be there, which made the experience all the more enjoyable. I also appreciated the times when things went ... not according to plan. Watching how each doctor coped with stress is people watching on steroids. Definitely a site to behold. One was as cool as the other side of the pillow, while another was snappy and condescending. It was insight into the profession - both the good and the bad. I am even more excited than I was previously about my choice in not only being a doctor, but an anesthesiologist if I am so able.

I cannot wait until my next shadowing opportunity. In fact, a different anesthesiologist said I could also follow him should I so desire. Duh! But I will need to wait a little while to give granny a break, and to catch up on my classwork... speaking of... don't I have a test manana? Oh crap!


  1. Just finished reading a few of your blog posts and I'm really enjoying them. I've been having difficulty finding doctors to shadow, but I'm going to try connections through my family. Any suggestions or successful methods you've found?

  2. I got this gig from a friend at school. As it turns out, the more pre-reqs I take, the more often I see people in scrubs. Befriend one and you then have a great source of assistance. I also contacted a local hospital and asked about shadowing opportunities. They have a program already in place. I just have to tell them when I'm available and their scheduler will make it happen. Hopefully that helps. Good luck!

  3. Thanks! I really appreciate the advice. I just grabbed my CNA certification for the clinical experience and am debating my EMT-B cert. as a backup, but I'm going to see if I can't hit up the local hospital.