Thursday, September 8, 2011

Just Another Day in Paradise

So I had my first Biology exam of the semester last night. Because of the exam, I put my cell phone on silent. This meant that alarm didn't go off to wake me up on time this morning. Since I didn't get up on time, neither did my 5 monsters. Everyone did the crazy "I'm late for school scramble" this morning. Of course I then proceeded to lose my phone which took forever to find in between making school lunches, checking to make sure everyone brushed their teeth, got their school uniforms on, cleaned their ears, put all school essentials in their backpacks, let the dog out, rush to the car... and... crap. I locked myself out of my house. Everyone was standing in front of the car, finally ready to leave and my keys are on the kitchen counter. After breaking into my own home to retrieve the keys, I hightail it to school - being careful to dodge the fuzz since my inspection sticker is out (Saturday To Do). OMG! I just realized I've been driving for 2 days with my gas light on. Don't run out of gas. Don't run out of gas. I pull up to school right on time. They are not late today. I win! All this before 8 am.

The rest of the day includes Dora the Explorer coloring books for the 3 year old twins, organic chemistry lab report, organic chemistry prelab write-up (it's a monster this week), filling out paperwork in order to shadow an anesthesiologist tomorrow (really excited!), statistics homework and preparation for the first exam on Saturday (need to do as much as possible today since I will be shadowing for who knows how long manana). Also I'm getting behind in physics. Need to catch up soon. Maybe tomorrow. Just another day in paradise!


  1. Hahaha. I am a non-traditional student and I am interested in seeing how other non-trads are fairing in their journey. Sounds you have one heck of a morning. 5 kids! Wow!