Friday, October 21, 2011

A "Normal" Day

What an amazing day. The entire family took a trip to the Texas State Fair. Everyone had a blast. The kids rode on rides, got to pet a ton of random animals like emus, ostriches, and camels, ate a bunch of unhealthy food, watched Cirque de Shanghai (amazing people), saw fireworks, watched pig races (ours won 2 out of three - WOO!) and just frolicked the night away. Tonight we put aside everything else on our agendas and were a normal family. Well, as normal as our family gets when five kids are constantly being corralled. At the end of the night, we stopped at Braum's for ice-cream. When I went to pay, I asked how much I owed for all seven of us, and the kid looked around, obviously not remembering what everyone had ordered, and said "Wow! A lot." Awesome!

I really have a bunch of studying to do, but I can't think about that now. Today was a day of fun. I will think about that tomorrow. Because, after all, tomorrow is, another day. - Scarlett

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