Friday, November 18, 2011


I'm struggling. I can see the finish line of this semester. I know I'm almost done. I'm spent. My mental energy seems to be failing me. I realized the other day that I haven't given myself time to relax. I went from a crazy Spring 2010, to Chemistry 1 in the summer, quickly followed by Chemistry 2 also in the summer. As soon as Chem 2 finished, Fall was upon me and I immediately dove into my current classes. I haven't had a week off... and it's showing. I should be pushing through with that last bit of gusto I always manage to find. This time seems different. The cupboard appears to be bare. The reserve energy is gone. I have used all my carbohydrates, spent all my adipose, and it seems I'm diving into muscle. Somehow I must find a way to plunge through. I try to remind myself that it is almost over as well as how important these next few weeks will mean to my overall transcripts. I just hope my willpower is strong enough....

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